Getting around without car?

As cars are restricted within cities, we need new urban transportation alternatives. Imagine your next city car being an ebike. CityQ means no traffic and parking issues, no taxes, no worries about the weather. Just comfortable, flexible and fast urban mobility.

This ebike can be your next city car…

Bridging the gap between ebikes and cars

Enabling sustainable city development and new residential areas with less car traffic.

CityQ may replace car traffic in cities with year-round ebicycling. Specially designed for Northern Europe climate and needs.

Mobility sharing riding CityQ works with cities and real estates enabling development without more traffic or parking space. Includes pilots, projects and ride-sharing for businesses in city centers and new residential areas.

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days of rain or frost


euro health gain per biking km


of urban millennials not having driving license

The New Urban vehicle and share riding platform

  • Unique ebike and LEV. With 4-wheels, up to 3 passenger, roof, solar panel and weather protection.
  • App and Pool of vehicles for Businesses and Residential areas.

  • Urban ride sharing platform. Multiple type of vehicles in one single platform.
  • Customized vehicles and partner programs.

Specs, facts and benefits

Next generation car free urban mobility

CityQ is registered as an ebike, but with the benefits of a small city car. To assist in cities where cars are hard to use and access.

CityQ is comfortable ebike developed for Nordic climate and needs.
It has weather protection, seat for passenger, luggage space and battery range closer to a small electric city car.

You can buy it for your own flexibility in urban transportation – or have your business lease it for business usage instead of taxi – or request a pool version for your residential area.
Having 239 days annually with rain, snow and frost, in addition to wind and dark evening – we know what you require to ebike all year.

CityQ is convenient, safe, fun, long range capacity.

CityQ is not a cargo bike – but it fully matches the capacity for transporting children safely, shopping or training bags – or even safely lock your laptop.

CityQ is safe – with safety belt, front lights and reflexes to be seen dark evenings.

CityQ is made for car free city environment. Removing your issues with traffic ques, parking, weather, pollution and getting around in city centre.

And – it’s fun and cool!
Be special – be a CitQ’er

  • Comfort – even in the 239 days with rain or frost
  • Classified as Ebike according to European standard EN 15194
  • Allowed in bike lanes and car free zones
  • No driving license required
  • Max 25kmph – range 70-90km
  • Plug&charge. Plus additional Solar charging
  • No parking issues. No sweat.
  • More than 100l cargo space
Ebike: EU standard, EPAC (EN 15194), plus 4 wheels
Capacity: 3 persons, including driver
Cargo: Lockable appr 40l, additional 60l
Speed: 25km/h
Range: 2 batteries, 80-100 km
Wheels: 4 wheels 24” with summer tires (extra: winter tires)
Length: 225cm
Width: 85 cm
High: 155cm
Weight: appr 60kg
Engine: Bafang 250-500W
Battery: 48V 500W (extra but recommended: 2nd battery)
Charging: Plugin cable 220V
Solar panel: 75W/h (extra but recommended)
Safety: Safety belt, extra front lights and reflexes
Lock app: Extra for lock app and track app
Dashboard: Mobile charger via USB socket

*Specs might be changed before delivery.

Preorder one of the very first CityQ. Contact me for terms


Interested in Pilots and research programs?

CityQ together with NUMI – cooperates with urban pilotarenas and mobilty research internationally.