City transport and delivery
– more efficient, sustainable, and enjoyable
The bikes to replace
cars and vans
Comfort, capacity, efficiency, safety sustainability,
CityQ is a range of 4 wheel ebikes – making urban transport by year around cycling more attractive.
We call it downsizing cars and vans into your optimal ebike.
Car like capacity, comfort, efficiency and safety.
But 90% more sustainable
The optimal way to deliver cargo and services in inner cities
Ride and park anywhere

Ride and park anywhere you like – similar to any bicycle. Click and ride – easy to drive. No need for driving license. Easy to navigate and park - Less than 90cm wide, reverse mode and sitting position like in a car.

Cargo capacity
Most delivery by vans can be replaced by CityQ
1-2m3 capacity and up to 170kg of cargo.
Multiple options for storage.
Choose Cargo box or pickup model.

Preferred by riders and fleet owners

CityQ has focused on high uptime, minimal maintenance and low cost of ownership. For riders we are preferred for rider comfort and safety – as well as optimized to navigate in high density areas

Please reach out for us to explore how CityQ can fit your needs for 2024
Why use CityQ Cargo ebike
Power and speed
Fast delivery with 220NM power on 2 motors and net weight 100kg. Enable higher average speed even fully loaded and going uphill.
Capacity and flexibility
Modular design with multiple storage compartments. Cargo capacity 1-1.5M3, plus ability towards 2M3. Also pick up model or passenger version
Comfort and safety
Full weather protection, including window, floor, doors and wiper. Comfortable car like seating and seat belt option for safety. Front and rear lights. Turning lights and side mirrors
Max battery range
Up to 150km range with 2 swappable batteries positioned under rider seat
More uptime, Less issues
Made for durability and low maintenance. No chains and mechanical drive train, full suspensions, double brakes, and enforced chassis.
Vehicle as a service
Offered for buy, rent or leasing. Including insurance and service & maintenance. Low total cost of ownership
Let's make an impact together
For each km replacing van with a CityQ,
we enable these benefits for our local environment:

75% - Less congestion and parking
90% - Less CO2 emission
90% - Less energy and battery
100% - Less car charging needed
We want to help cities and customers in replacing car traffic with a new type of 4 wheel ebikes.
CityQ has been developed by vehicle&technology experts across Europe
The bikes are made in Germany, Nurnberg.
Sales in Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux and UK.

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CityQ has been awarded and acknowledged for our unique vehicle platform:
Get the cargo bike you deserve
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